Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

For some reason I had this song in my head when I woke up this morning. I haven’t seen The Sound of Music in many a year, however it soon prompted me to write this post.

So a little about me (or shall I say, let’s start at the very beginning. I hear it’s a very good place to start).

I’m a Brisbane girl through and through. Born in Toowoomba, and then moving to the metropolis at a few months of age (what can I say, I liked the city lights?). I’m one of four girls (no, not poor Dad; lucky Dad), and they are my best friends (cliche but true). Over the years I have worked in central Queensland, and the Gold Coast, but am back in Brisbane town for now.

My Husband and I bought our first home a couple of years ago, so the draw of mini-projects around here, and creating things is dominating our moving decisions for now. I’m a real home body, and all those around me know it. I love to do homey things like cook, garden, cough clean cough, and on the odd occasion sew (a relatively new hobby). And travel if I’m feeling adventurous.

I also spend far too many hours of my day online, scrolling through Instagram (come on over and follow me), and Facebook feeds, etsy, Pinterest and Houzz (oh how I love thee).

I get joy out of making people feel special, loved and boosting their esteem. Generally that is the form of cooking (it’s what I grew up knowing, and what I do best), and a splash of chat. I’m working on using my ‘inside voice’ more (thanks Husband), even in the outdoors (that bit still confuses me), and trying not to let the stresses of life get in the way.

I like to think of myself as a simple human being. Give me food (regularly please, at least every 3 hours); give me drink (gosh I love anything in liquid form); give me nature; give me something to read; give me some music; and maybe give me another human being to chat to, and I’m a happy lady.

Simple really.

What makes your world go round and round?

Know of any gardening, cooking or crafting heroes I should get along to see?

Do you ever get the Sound of Music in your head?


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