Travel: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was such a beautiful place to begin our White Christmas trip. We arrived in the mid-morning, after some 21 hours of travel (oh the joys of living on the other side of everything!), welcomed by our luggage making its way around the carousel. Is there any better feeling when travelling? I think not.

Prague City

Prague City

Prague for me was all about exploring a beautiful old city, mostly on foot (actually thinking back, all on foot), walking back streets, making our way through the gardens, Castle, many cathedrals, and along the beautiful river. We stayed in one of the older neighbourhoods of Prague, at the foot of the stairs leading up to the Castle, which was perfect for getting to the attractions, great food, and also parklands.

St Nicolas Cathedral

St Nicolas Cathedral

Our first introduction to the many festivities put on at Christmas time in Europe, left us in awe, what with the massive Christmas tree in the Old Town Square, decorations in every window, and the constant smell of mulled wine (hot wine in Prague) and trdelnik.

Epic Christmas Tree

Epic Christmas Tree

We ticked off all of the big ticket items, the Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle (the largest ancient castle in the world), St Wencelas Square, the Cathedrals (St Nicolas, St Vitrus), and Petrin Tower.

Petrin Tower

Petrin Tower

But we also made a point of surrounding ourselves in nature at every opportunity. We chatted to the gent who the accommodation was booked through, and he recommended walking along the river to get some different views of the city, and boy was it worth it. If not just for the less hustle and bustle, but also inhaling that fresh winter’s air, and kicking our way through piles of fall leaves. It was absolutely magical.

View of Prague from Shooter's Island

View of Prague from Shooter’s Island

We spent four days in Prague, which was a good amount of time to acquaint ourselves with this beautiful part of the world. I would love to go back again, particularly in spring or summer, but boy oh boy, this is one city that you need to see.

Prague – the City of 100 Spires.

Prague – the City of Literature.

Prague – the City of Love.


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