Travel: Vienna, Austria

From Prague we caught a train to Vienna, where we spent another four days, in a beautiful part of central Europe. We had a great apartment (through airbnb) that was fairly well situated, and close to the centre of the city.

Hofburg Palace

Hofburg Palace

Entering Vienna I knew we were in a special place. The architecture of the buildings was like no other, the culture you felt just walking around, you knew you were somewhere special, and the class of this city had a sense of familiarity surrounding it. It was on the second day that Theo told me that Vienna has been voted World’s Most Livable City for the last couple of  years (similar to Melbourne), and it was no wonder why.

Cafe Central

Cafe Central

Vienna was easy. Easy to get around, easy to find interest in, easy to learn, and easy to relax. I’ve always said that water bodies make for special cities, and Vienna is no exception (having said that, we never saw the ‘actual’ river, only large canals).

Whilst in Vienna we saw some incredible art, particularly at Kunsthaus Wien (Gallery of Modern Art), ate some fantastic food (it’s always about the food with me, particularly at Cafe Central), visited the Castle and Zoo, and also managed to wash some clothes (exciting, right?).

St Stephen's Cathedral

St Stephen’s Cathedral

As with Prague, the aim was to get that balance between indoor and outdoor, with the Zoo really finishing off our time in Vienna in a positive light, what with the great weather (blue skies!) and amazing animals. Again, I need to go back here in the summer or spring to see those incredible gardens.

Central Cemetery

Central Cemetery

Highlights of this beautiful city would’ve been the Christmas markets in the Castle grounds, where people stand, chat, drink and be merry, and the ease of the city of Vienna.

Vienna – the City of Music.

Vienna – the City of Dreams.


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