Travel: Seefeld, Austria

Seefeld was my happy place during our travels. Sure we saw some amazing things elsewhere, and ate incredible foods, but Seefeld was just easy.

After we arrived back to Australia, Theo and I were discussing our favourite place while away, and we both agreed upon Seefeld. It’s a small town in western Austria, part of the Tirol region, and is exactly how you’d imagine a ski village to be. Beautiful timber, pitched rooves, and smoke billowing out of chimneys. It was purely magical, to be all cliche-like.

Seefeld in Tirol, Austria

Seefeld in Tirol, Austria

We spent a week in the town, staying in a holiday house rental, which was perfect for our large adult group. We mostly had individual bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a huge living area, and it was far enough away that we didn’t receive noise complaints (lots of excited screeches from the females in my family), but close enough to the town centre that we walked most places.

Incredible sunrise, visible from the bed. An incredible way to wake up.

Incredible sunrise, visible from bed. An incredible way to wake up.

Given the amount of time that we were in Seefeld, it allowed us to have a very balanced time, with heaps of activities (skiing, walking, eating, drinking, eating again…) and day trips (we went to Innsbruck) available, but also a nice place to just sit, and be. We were also incredibly lucky to be staying near a forest (think Narnia) which was great for getting some fresh air and stretching those legs after a day of skiing.

Boxing Day snow man building

Boxing Day snow man building

View of Innsbruck from Hafelekarspitze, 2234m.

View of Innsbruck from Hafelekarspitze, 2234m.

Highlight was probably Christmas Day, where we headed to Triendlsage (through the forest and along fresh, crystal clear, streams) for lunch. The atmosphere was some homey, the food was beautiful, and the staff incredibly friendly and accommodating. On the walk back to our temporary home it began to snow, which was so perfect. A family snow fight was had, leaving us all incredibly snowy when we arrived back home.



Forest walks, absolute bliss.

Forest walks, absolute bliss.

Oh to be able to go back (maybe we will just do that) and spend another week there. Such fond, beautiful, loving memories of Seefeld.

Seefeld – town of beauty.

Seefeld – town of family love.

Seefeld – town of life long memories.


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