Health: Body & Soul Revolution Introduction

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, but a mere challenge I’ve set myself. 

One of my many resolutions (an ongoing one shall we say) is to improve my health and well-being, particularly when it comes to feeling more energetic, sleeping well (one of my greatest hobbies), and having a more positive outlook, on the beast we call life.

Last year I participated in the ‘Body & Soul Revolution’, which was a 10 week program where I focused on improving my energy and losing a bit of weight along the way. It was a mostly positive experience where I did lose a bit of weight, and felt healthier and happier.

Over the past year I’ve generally maintained a healthy attitude towards food, however at times have fallen off the bandwagon. A similar story to exercise, where I get really really excited and determined, and after a couple of weeks lose all interest. I think generally the reason for backpedalling and/or giving up, for me, is the lack of results that I can visually see (and when I say see, read, what the scales tell me). I have however found a sport I enjoy, swimming, and therefore going for a walk/run has become more of a novelty than a chore now.

Morning swims #laps #griffithpool

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At the beginning of 2015 I received a registration email for the new Revolution program, and almost immediately trashed it. Its presence, however, sat in the back of my mind, just niggling away, and so I decided to give it another go. I mean, who doesn’t like having their meals (and snacks) and exercise regimes planned for them (especially at the beginning of the year).

Similar to last year, I’m hoping to improve my energy levels, but mainly lose weight, tone up, and develop a routine for exercising. I’m keeping with the variety is key theory, and have committed to doing yoga at least once a week, will swim at least three times a week, and go bush walking once a month. I’m hoping that with these little ‘resolutions’, I will have enough variety to look forward to, allowing me to keep at my little goals.

I’m also keen on changing my mindset on what is success when it comes to programs like this. Not to focus on the kg or %s on the scales, but to keep track of cms, energy levels, and strength (tickle fight training, here we come!).

Along the program I’m going to try to post a reflection of how my week has been. What has worked, what hasn’t, and I’d love for you to post ideas of how to stay motivated, little tricks you’ve discovered and are willing to share, and any delicious healthy snacks that you love.

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