Travel: Berlin, Germany

When we first began planning our trip we had this trivial idea to welcome in 2015 in Berlin. Good in theory, not so great in practice! Due to the popularity of the New Year’s event in Berlin, the majority of comfortable transport was booked out, meaning we got to spend a beautiful 6 hours on a bus (first world problems, I know).

When we did arrive in Berlin, we at once were impressed. Was it the constant sound of fire crackers going off, the warmer weather, or the instant cultural feel you get. Maybe all of the above.

For New Year’s we went to the Brandenburg Gate for the big shi-bang. It was like nothing I’ve been to before, with the area packed full of people (oh, the people), markets (think food, drink, crappy knick-knacks etc), an abundance of different music being performed, and incredible fireworks. Oh the fireworks. Suffice to say, I’m incredibly glad I celebrated this way, when usually I’d be tucked up in bed on New Year’s Eve by 9pm (thanks 6 hours of sleep on the bus, right?).

New Year's Fireworks at the Brandenburg Gate

New Year’s Fireworks at the Brandenburg Gate

Whilst in Berlin we did some, but not all, of the touristy things. By this stage in the trip I was just happy to soak in another city’s culture, and wander the streets. So this is what we did a lot of the time, stumbling upon interesting little artistic areas, and cafes.

Berlin Street Art

Berlin Street Art

We did the Berlin Wall walk, which I thoroughly enjoyed (both because of the free-ness, but also the art and inspiration is incredible). We also spent close to a day looking and reading through the Berlin Wall Memorial, which really hit home what people experienced, and were led to believe. Whilst in Berlin we also went on a tour through Berlin’s underground bunkers (absolutely fascinating). All in all, the things we read, and the stories we heard were horrific, however something I’m glad we did because of the importance of World War II in the world’s history.

East Berlin Wall Gallery

East Berlin Wall Gallery

East Berlin Wall Gallery

East Berlin Wall Gallery

The Reichstag Building was a great location to welcome day’s end what with the beautiful sunset. If you can time it right, I would highly recommend doing this, given the height and central location of the structure in relation to the rest of Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin – city of sorrow.

Berlin – city of liberation.

Berlin – city of new beginnings.


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