Travel: Copenhagen, Denmark

Wow, Denmark, just wow! The only other time I’ve felt like this was when we visited Amsterdam in 2013. I guess the cities are similar in that they both are situated on waterways, but the people, the architecture, and just the general feel. I would move there in a heartbeat if it wasn’t on the other side of the world.

Copenhagen Canals

Copenhagen Canals

Disclaimer: most of my time in Copenhagen was spent sick (just a cold), and boy did it beat me around, and therefore I saw a lot of the hotel room, and the view (a construction site) outside of the window.

However the time that I did get up and walk around I just loved. I wouldn’t say Copenhagen is a toursity place, which was great, because I didn’t feel ‘pressured’ into seeing things for the sake of it. We instead, like with many of the incredible places we visited, wandered around, along the river and canals, around back streets, and just marveling at what a naturally beautiful place this is.

Copenhagen Canals

Copenhagen Canals

We did go to a couple of Museums, walked to Church of our Saviour (which we found out when we arrived there, that it is closed in the winter), and as I said before, did a lot of contemplating whilst sitting on the edge of the beautiful river, and admiring this beautiful city for what it is.

Copenhagen Canals

Copenhagen Canals

The food we had in Copenhagen was also incredible, probably the highlight of the trip. We ventured to a quaint French restaurant one evening, where complimentary tasters were continually offered, an American style place, where we had the most incredible cheesecake (and chai green tea – where can I find thee?!), and fantastic coffee wherever we went.

Copenhagen Riverwalk

Copenhagen Riverwalk

I’d love to go back to Copenhagen with a full bill of health, but also in the summertime, because I NEED to go to the old school amusement park. But all in all, for the time we spent there, we loved it.

Copenhagen – city of towers.

Copenhagen – city of cyclists.

Copenhagen – city of beauty.


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