Put Your Back Into It 2.0

Do you ever have those projects, or things on your list, that you think, “Yeah I’ll get onto that. As soon as the time is right.” I certainly like to use that excuse, which is suitable for some commitments, and not so great for others. As I’ve been studying part time and working full time, for the last 18 months (only 6 months to go! Woohoo!!) I’ve always used this excuse for eating healthy and exercising.

It’s not that we eat junk food all the time, and don’t exercise, but not having enough time certainly is bandied about when we don’t have the energy to cook something nutritious, or get outside for 30mins. I jumped on the “I’ll get onto that in the New Year” bandwagon, and filed it away in the “for later” section of my brain.

And then I was approached to start a program right away by a good friend of mine, and I was overcome with stupidity motivation and said yes. What were you thinking Caitlyn (?!) has gone through my head maybe once or twice, when I’ve been up late making snacks for the next day, but otherwise have started strong.

We decided to go with the Kayla Itsines program, having heard relatively positive reviews and results from friends and the social media world. So jumped (or should I say lunged) on that bandwagon.

Week One is over and done with. And I must say I have mostly been impressed by the meals and exercises that we have had and done. Very infrequently was I hungry (a first for me because I have obviously been eating the wrong foods) and being kept accountable by another person has helped in sticking to the exercise routine. After not being able to walk after the first day, and my husband laughing at me as I pulled myself up our front stairs, I thought it was best if Isubjected involved him in the same torture greatness of the “abs and arms” routine. Suffice to say I’m feeling encouraged by the whole household wincing when we sneeze, cough, or just have to get out of bed. It’s great?! 

I know it’s only early days, but my mentality towards not having enough time is slowly dissolving away, having done something active every day last week, it all seems that extra little bit more achievable. I feel good, albeit tight. I’m generally sleeping better. And have more energy on the whole.

Onto Week Two! Bring on more squats, lunges, cycling and maybe swimming (but not the burpees, please no!). Hoping to see a difference between how I perform this week over last, and building some strength. 

If you’re on your own health journey I’d love to hear what has worked and what hasn’t.
Any top snack tips? Or ways to get out of bed earlier for exercise?
And how bout that post exercise deep sleep.


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