The Week That Was

So Week Two came and went. Perhaps it’s justifying mistakes, or actually speaking the truth, but I’m not sold on the timing of starting the program. This last week had one too many dinners/lunches out, and celebratory eating sessions, which kind of made me throw the remainder of the week out of the window.

Things I found out. Routine works well for me. I’m a creature of habit. Always have been. Likely always will be. If there is a plan available, I am likely to stick to it. But the minute something shakes up the routine, I run screaming in the other direction, cream donut in one hand, a packet of chips in the other, not to mention the can of soft drink strapped to my leg.

Ok, so maybe not that bad, but a hiccup for me generally affects me for the worse. Exercise wise, the week started okay, however Aunt Urma came to visit, and with her, many excuses. Genuine excuses in my head, but probably not to Aunty Kayla. Going to bed with a couple of Panadol, heat pack, and in the foetal position, and then waking up to the same, can definitely cause a bandwagon derailment.

On the plus side, spent an active afternoon with my family (premature Christmas celebrations as we all spread out to opposing ends of the continent for the “Big Day”). Softball/tee-ball was played, runs were made, and shorts fit better. Hmm, maybe this program is working? But let’s not admit to that just  yet :p

Anyway, I’m not too hopeful for next week (Christmas / New Year). To be perfectly honest, I have written it off already, and am mentally trying to be responsible about eating snacks/healthy meals, getting a good balance of fruit and vegetables, and allowing for some activity.

See you in the New Year.



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