Christmas Where The Gum Trees Grow

I’ve just crept in in posting a “Christmas That Was” post, before we hit February. Hi fives self!

Christmas this year was very different to last years (overseas in Austria, very blessed I know). We headed up to Mackay on Christmas Eve, and were instantly welcomed by the warmth off of the runway, and the wall of humidity, that can only truly be experienced/related to when flying to North Queensland.

Christmas Eve evening was spent with Theo’s family, lighting candles to make “Santa’s Runway”, followed by much food, much chasing children, and a great night’s rest.


Something that I miss about being a child around Christmas time, is being taken to church (on Christmas Eve and Day). The excitement of our family packing into the van, arriving at church and singing carols, coming home to unwrap presents (Christmas Eve), or preparing for the drive to see extended family. Now that I’m apparently this fully fledged adult, the notion of creating our own Christmas traditions has hit hard, particularly this year.


So looking back on the things that I loved as a child, we welcomed Christmas morning in at church, sung some carols, and celebrated the true reason for Christmas, Jesus.

The rest of the day was spent with family and friends, eating and preparing food, unwrapping presents, and achieving the “Christmas afternoon nap”. A fantastic, chilled, relaxing, Queensland Christmas indeed.

When we arrived back in Brisbane, normality begun to stick, minus the work (yippee), but including all of the important things in life: huge ice creams, bushwalking and swimming, and crafting.



I’m hoping that you and yours had a blessed Christmas and was spent doing those things that are important to you. May your year be greater than the last, and many opportunities present themselves over the next days, weeks and months of 2016.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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