That Time I Had Foresight

It’s gotten to that point in the year where Mondays just seem to roll around so quickly already. The weekends are getting shorter (yes I am sure of it), and the week days longer somehow. Suffice to say I’m feeling more tired today than I did on Friday, prior to the weekend happening.


This last weekend found us gallivanting through the country and seaside, visiting family, playing board-games, enjoying a celebratory drink or two, and resting (yet to experience the after effects of this). When Mum announced a family get together in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast for the Sunday, my sister and I went into “action-spur of the moment-weekend away” mode. Accommodation was booked, meal plans were developed (yes, we’re that family), and entertainment sought.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side, waking to a cool, drizzly morning on Saturday. The drive up to Alexandra Headland was through many a rain shower, however it was good to open the doors and look out onto the beach. There’s nothing quite like it is there? The rest of the day was spent winding down, having a long afternoon nap, preparing the mandatory beach Pimms jug, and playing some games. The familiar seaside diet of fish, chips and calamari (and the dreaded potato scallop – why do I always fall into its trap) was had, some more games played, and then falling to sleep to the sound of the ocean.

Having rained on the Saturday, waking to a slightly less overcast Sunday morning found us poolside for a quick dip (freezing), before tucking into some breakfast. We then headed up to Cooroy to see the fam, ate a lot more food, talked far too much, admired the rolling hills and beautiful environment, and went on a quick drive on the “mule” (mini-ute / four wheeler) to see some of my aunt and  uncle’s property.

All too soon the weekend had come to an end. All too soon another load of washing was being put on. And all too soon the dreaded Sunday night feeling, of having to wake up and head back to work tomorrow, hit.

Time to hit this four day week hard (thank you most gracious RDO angels), start moving some more (have been incredibly slack since Christmas), and start planning the next weekend.

May your weeks go quickly, and be full of the right kind of challenges and joy.



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